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House Republicans show resolve, reveal they have a collective spine, say “F. you!” to President Bush

29 September 2008

At least for now.

For the first time in recent memory, I am less ashamed of my remaining a registered Republican. Suggests anything the complete impotence of a two-term president as clearly as his party’s two-to-one rejection of his “necessary” mega-policy? I think not.

Maybe I’m a terrible person for it, but I’m pretty excited to see that the Dow fell more than four hundred points after the House Republcans — and ninety-four courageous Democrats — stood up against corporate socialism.

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Yes, ma’am — er, sir. Or whichever it is.

10 September 2008

From the Washington Post:

A Montgomery County law banning discrimination against transgender people took effect yesterday, county attorneys said, after the state’s highest court rejected a petition effort that would have forced the issue to a referendum.

Had, here in tolerant Maryland, this been a cause célèbre opposed by left-wingers, I wonder if a referendum would have been issued.

A desperate (mis-)man(aged state): Maryland and Slots

10 September 2008

From the Tuesday, 9 September Washington Post:

First, Comptroller Peter Franchot, an ardent slots opponent, told the Committee for Montgomery yesterday that revenue projections his office will release today for the upcoming two fiscal years “will offer a sobering window into the condition of the Maryland economy.” He criticized the administration of fellow Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley for pushing a “record tax hike” last year and said slots will only worsen the state’s budget problems with increased crime, “traffic, corruption, addictions and bankruptcies.”


A state panel yesterday recommended that Maryland’s debt capacity edge up to allow more borrowing for roads, schools and other construction projects as tax collections are projected to drop this year.

[My emphasis. – NPO]

From our friends, on campus, at the Diamondback:

The university could face mid-year budget cuts because of the weakening economy, university President Dan Mote said.

The state Board of Revenue Estimates lowered its revenue projections for the current fiscal year by $432 million yesterday, creating a $195 million dollar gap between projected spending and revenue figures and prompting Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley to say in a news release the state would have to cut the budget by “hundreds of millions.”

The sharp drop in projected revenue is primarily because of a softening economy, which is causing the state to collect less from sales and income taxes.

What else do we learn from the Post?

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) has seen a rebound in his job approval numbers while support for a key initiative of his, the legalization of slot-machine gambling, has slipped some, according to a new poll.

Forty-five percent of likely voters approve of the job O’Malley is doing, while 35 percent disapprove and 20 percent have no opinion in a poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing.

Those are much better numbers than March, when O’Malley seemed to still be suffering from a special session of the legislature last year in which taxes were raised by nearly $1.4 billion. O’Malley’s job approval rating has climbed by 8 percentage points since March, while the percentage who disapprove has fallen by 13 points. He has benefited from better ratings from fellow Democrats and from independents.

I can’t quite decide where to start muddling through all of this. The state is already under financial duress, with its flagship University expecting a substantial shortfall, and, yet, the following are so.

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Losing faith in Savior Sarah

6 September 2008

A tip of the hat goes to Larison for this.

What really distresses, but hardly surprises, me:

“A Greenie”: No. Turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots. Is pro-drilling off-shore and in ANWR. [My emphasis. – NPO]

Mr Larison comments:

In this sense, she may very well be a “Sam’s Club Republican” in the narrowest sense of promoting the rise of box stores, but this is the same kind of “growth” agenda that the GOP has advanced for years and reflects the mentality of consumption and acquisition that Rod and Prof. Deneen have criticized so vocally.

I won’t lie: The “Sam’s Club” approach to the G.O.P., to some extent, appeals to me. This narrow sense, however, horrifies me.

Update: More from Larison, on Palin’s budget problems.

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