A desperate (mis-)man(aged state): Maryland and Slots


From the Tuesday, 9 September Washington Post:

First, Comptroller Peter Franchot, an ardent slots opponent, told the Committee for Montgomery yesterday that revenue projections his office will release today for the upcoming two fiscal years “will offer a sobering window into the condition of the Maryland economy.” He criticized the administration of fellow Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley for pushing a “record tax hike” last year and said slots will only worsen the state’s budget problems with increased crime, “traffic, corruption, addictions and bankruptcies.”


A state panel yesterday recommended that Maryland’s debt capacity edge up to allow more borrowing for roads, schools and other construction projects as tax collections are projected to drop this year.

[My emphasis. – NPO]

From our friends, on campus, at the Diamondback:

The university could face mid-year budget cuts because of the weakening economy, university President Dan Mote said.

The state Board of Revenue Estimates lowered its revenue projections for the current fiscal year by $432 million yesterday, creating a $195 million dollar gap between projected spending and revenue figures and prompting Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley to say in a news release the state would have to cut the budget by “hundreds of millions.”

The sharp drop in projected revenue is primarily because of a softening economy, which is causing the state to collect less from sales and income taxes.

What else do we learn from the Post?

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) has seen a rebound in his job approval numbers while support for a key initiative of his, the legalization of slot-machine gambling, has slipped some, according to a new poll.

Forty-five percent of likely voters approve of the job O’Malley is doing, while 35 percent disapprove and 20 percent have no opinion in a poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing.

Those are much better numbers than March, when O’Malley seemed to still be suffering from a special session of the legislature last year in which taxes were raised by nearly $1.4 billion. O’Malley’s job approval rating has climbed by 8 percentage points since March, while the percentage who disapprove has fallen by 13 points. He has benefited from better ratings from fellow Democrats and from independents.

I can’t quite decide where to start muddling through all of this. The state is already under financial duress, with its flagship University expecting a substantial shortfall, and, yet, the following are so.

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  1. Stacey Derbinshire Says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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