“A big corporation”


Finally, we near the publication and distribution of the first issue of the semester, The Terrapin Times VI.III.

Amongst other wonders, the forthcoming edition includes my “Dred Not: Redeeming Roger B. Taney,” the first installment in our new regular feature, The Maryland Room; a review of Janet Holl Madigan’s Truth, Politics, and Universal Human Rights; opinion pieces on the stimulus; and a piece on the current financial crisis, the Federal stimulus package, the Maryland state budget, and the University. From that piece, an absolutely terrifying thought from State Delegate Susan Aumann, R-42:

Aumann describes the University as “a big corporation” that will need to improve efficiency to keep costs down and that it “takes a situation like this for us to concentrate on the best practices.”

What incredibly — and, I’m sure, unwitting — honesty from a politician! The University is not a place of higher learning, where, when necessary, we make sacrifices to ensure that students exit College Park possessed of a well-rounded liberal education. It’s “a big corporation,” training the mindless for mind-numbing “careers.” I’m sorry, Cardinal Newman.


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2 Responses to ““A big corporation””

  1. “A big corporation” « Nathancontramundi Says:

    […] Posted on 2 March 2009 by nathancontramundi That’s what one Maryland state delegate thinks of the flagship university of the University System of […]

  2. David Kosak Says:

    The University System of Maryland was front and center last week when District 42 Del. Steve Lafferty introduced House Bill 693 to the House Appropriations Committee for an opening hearing. I’ve followed the story closely and was at the hearing. I’d love to know what you think. http://mdistrict42.wordpress.com

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