UMD, Home of the Diamondback. FML.


Today, our venerable Diamondback decided that the news of the day most worthy of prominence on the front page is the wonderfully hilarious, but hardly newsworthy Misunderstand me not: Few things get me through a rough day like the Schadenfreude derived from learning about some poor soul who was “groped by a grandma” while carrying her groceries to her car. However, this, even on a university campus, is not front-page-worthy, especially when the brilliant editors opted to hide this sad article in the bottom corner of the page:

Although a recent nationwide survey of university faculty found that more would rather encourage social change in their classes than teach students the classics, university professors rejected the dichotomy, saying the two are not mutually exclusive.

The study, done by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that among about 22,000 faculty members nationwide, 57.8 percent said they thought it was important to encourage undergraduate students to become agents of social change, while only 34.7 percent felt it was very important to teach classic works such as Homer’s epic poems or Shakespeare’s plays.

FML indeed.


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