The Terrapin Times is the independent, student-run, right-of-center newspaper of the University of Maryland at College Park. Our goal is to challenge the prevalent left-wing orthodoxy of the faculty, administration, and powerful and politically connected student groups. The Terrapin Times will provide a voice for underrepresented students and thought at the University of Maryland.

We will devote our pages to the following conservative and libertarian principles:

* We stand for unlimited freedom of speech, the defense of academic freedom, and diversity of ideas.
* We will hold the administration accountable on how they spend our money and serve student interests.
* We will value individual merit before diversity and we dissent from radical multiculturalism and all forms of collectivism.
* We will maintain that students be given the rights as well as the responsibilities of adulthood, and defend student interests against attempts to restrain them.
* We will strive to build a campus community that we all can be proud of.

(The Terrapin Times is not affiliated with any other publication related to the University of Maryland, College Park.)

This is our web-log.


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