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Gov. O’Malley, Constitutionally illiterate

9 March 2009

by Nathan P. Origer, executive editor

From today’s Washington Post:

For many months, because of federal inaction, the states acted alone to combat the rising tide of foreclosures across our nation. The plan recently announced by President Obama is a welcome effort that will help keep families in their homes. As critical details are worked out, it would be useful for federal leaders to look to the experience of states in crafting solutions.

Put the original Articles of the Constitution under your microscope: You’ll find no mention of a Federal right, let alone responsibility, to take action to “keep families in their homes.” Read, then, the Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

[My emphases. – NPO]

Federal leaders should not “look to the experience of states in crafting solutions;” if truly they are leaders, they will leave the task of crafting solutions to the states, where lie both right and responsibility, per the Constitution, and ability, rooted in the states’ — and municipalities’ — governments’ proximity to the specific problems homeowners in their jurisdictions face. A governor possessed of more sense than this halfwit, who believes that spending fifty-seven million dollars on land preservation (itself not a bad idea; at the roots of “conservation” and “conservative” both is the same word, “conserve”) while his state’s budget is in such disarray that he has pushed successfully for state-employee furloughs, would abjure Federal intervention because of the obvious ineptitude of Washington, as well as the Constitutional issues at hand. If only!


House Republicans show resolve, reveal they have a collective spine, say “F. you!” to President Bush

29 September 2008

At least for now.

For the first time in recent memory, I am less ashamed of my remaining a registered Republican. Suggests anything the complete impotence of a two-term president as clearly as his party’s two-to-one rejection of his “necessary” mega-policy? I think not.

Maybe I’m a terrible person for it, but I’m pretty excited to see that the Dow fell more than four hundred points after the House Republcans — and ninety-four courageous Democrats — stood up against corporate socialism.

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Totalitarian America and Prince George’s County

18 August 2008

By now, we’ve all, likely, heard the sad story of the brutal murder of two dogs owned by Mayor Cheye Calvo of nearby Berwyn Heights, and the physical attack on the mayor, his wife, and his mother-in-law in a poorly managed, un-Constitutional, and case-of-the-wrong-person attack on his home, conducted by the ever righteous Prince George’s County Police and SWAT team. On @TAC, the web-log of The American Conservative magazine, Kelly Vlahos has written a worth-the-while post on the pernicious effects of post-9/11, USA PATRIOT Act totalitarian America, which begins with a re-telling of the Calvo story and the provision of some disturbing news about how local law enforcement conducted itself.

Writes Vlahos at one point:

When the Patriot Act was first passed in 2002, right wing advocates demanded fealty, while assuring the new police and prosecutorial powers would never be abused — that they were essential in the Global War on Terrorism. Well, beginning with the use of the Patriot Act to investigate a Las Vegas strip club operator who was bribing local officials in 2003, there is now a well-documented trail of abuses.

But despite all the data, the striking-down of Patriot Act provisions as unconstitutional in federal courts across the country, the drip-drip of revelations by the White House and the Justice Department, the establishment organ — cranked by its foot soldiers — maintains the illusion that the abuses are rare, and still, if you are innocent, you have nothing to fear.

Nothing to fear, just as Cheye Calvo had nothing to fear.