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Vote out Edwards!

3 October 2008

Congress has sold us up the river.

Our dear Congresswoman Donna Edwards cast vote number two hundred, seventeen in support of the bailout. I exhort area voters to bail her out — of a job.


House Republicans show resolve, reveal they have a collective spine, say “F. you!” to President Bush

29 September 2008

At least for now.

For the first time in recent memory, I am less ashamed of my remaining a registered Republican. Suggests anything the complete impotence of a two-term president as clearly as his party’s two-to-one rejection of his “necessary” mega-policy? I think not.

Maybe I’m a terrible person for it, but I’m pretty excited to see that the Dow fell more than four hundred points after the House Republcans — and ninety-four courageous Democrats — stood up against corporate socialism.

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