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The Female Orgasm and the Embarrassment that is the Diamondback

28 November 2008

On Monday, 25 November, our campus’s venerable Terps for Choice, adding to its support of mythology, most prominently displayed by their support for the claim that woman has the right to kill her own offspring, hosted its second-annual “Female Orgasm”, promulgating the risible notion that the female orgasm, well, even exists. (I jest! Ha!)

According to the article, “Students lined up two-and-a-half hours early to hear sex educators Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot teach men and women alike how to reach the perfect O . . . .” When was the last time students on the campus of this abysmal excuse for an institution of “higher education” waited patiently for one hundred and fifty minutes to listen to a speaker adjure them assiduously to study the works of Aristotle, Avicenna, or Bacon? Filled an auditorium to listen attentively to a lecture about More’s Utopia? Even knew who Alasdair MacIntyre is?

One, I suppose, cannot blame the student body alone — not when Where My Girls At?: A Comedic Look at Black Lesbians and a Provost’s Conversation called “Re-presenting Disability: Million Dollar Baby, Tropic Thunder and Anti-National Sexual Positions” the University’s idea of intellectual discourse —

This talk examines a few of the films that have sustained intense criticism from disability activists and theorists over the past few years. Reading these films within a queer theoretical perspective and through the cultural logic of neoliberalism, McRuer affirms and extends the immeasurable value of an increasingly global — and at times daringly anti-national — disability movement.

— comprise what passes for intellectual conversation here.

Perhaps most troubling, in this specific instance, though, is not the all too expected, systemic problem of the modern University gone astray, but, rather, the Diamondback’scoverage of the event (Be sure to read the comments posted in reply to the article; they only further support my claims about the general ignorance of students on this campus and that far too many young adults study at Universities, when they ought to be learning otherwise, thereby debasing the value of a Bachelor’s degree and denigrating the education, compromised to suit those less mentally capable, that worthier students receive. See Jeremy Beer’s review — PDF; sorry The American Conservative subscribers, only! — of Charles Murray’s Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing American Schools Back to Reality)

One line in particular stands out as the apotheosis of the death of modern journalistic respectability — to wit, the sign that the Diamondback has lost, or at least should lose, all credibility:

The male attendees seemed more intrigued. Sophomore aerospace engineering and finance major Justin Searles, who said he was one of the first in line for the event and had looked forward to event for three months, said the lecture was “awesome.”

I learned that I can make a girl ejaculate if she feels like she has to pee,” he said.

Yep, that’s our esteemed campus daily. I should not be such a prude were the alternative not so gruesome.